Vegan accessories for this summer 2024

Discover an array of stylish vegan fashion accessories, thoughtfully curated by Forthgreen to bring you the best in cruelty-free, eco-friendly apparel.

What’s behind vegan products shoes?

Explore the most common materials used to craft “leather” for shoes and trainers. Dive into our curated selection for this season and find the perfect pair to elevate your style!

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Vegan brands worth knowing

The Cake or Death experience is a luxury treat; from it dropping on your doormat, right through to the last mouthful. These aren’t any ordinary brownies!

Beflamboyant represents a dynamic collection of elements that together create a global, transparent, and responsible initiative in the vegan sneaker industry. 

At niluu, we take it upon ourselves to carve the path forward towards a fair and flourishing world. Through our multilayered actionable approach, we make choosing sustainable as easy as slipping on a silky-soft robe.